The Benefits of Having Plants in the Office

There are some offices that seem to be full of greenery, while others tend not to bother with it at all. However, there is definitely something to be said for being able to have plants in the office. A number of different scientific studies have been produced that show that there are benefits to having plants around.

One of these is that they are considered to be helpful in reducing stress. One study showed that tension could be reduced by up to 37% while there could be up to a 58% reduction in the symptoms of depression. Even having just one plant can help to lift the workers’ spirits.

It is also thought that they can help to improve productivity. Research carried out by a university in the UK showed that productivity could be improved by up to 15% when adding plants to a workspace that previously held none.

The boost to emotional wellbeing can also mean that workers take fewer sick days so management will have less of an issue with absences. Fatigue, concentration levels and dry skin can all be improved with the introduction of plants.

It is important to remember that plants can help to clean the air by removing carbon dioxide and other chemicals. This means that the air in the workplace will be cleaner and that is much better for everyone who works there. They also have the ability to absorb sounds, so they help to keep noise levels to a minimum. This can help to boost productivity and concentration.

When choosing plants for your workplace make sure that you consider who will look after them and how much care they will actually need. Consider the amount of light available to them and where they will be positioned. Rubber plants, succulents and peace lilies are all great choices for the working environment.